Step 1

Our discovery phase consists in understanding the needs of your business and make them our own. Throughout this phase, our team collaborates with yours to identify every requirement and define the scope of the project.

Step 2

Once we have a clear understanding of what needs to be done, we regroup to build our production plan. This step allows us to pause and think about how to successfully deliver value to you, whether it is through design workshops, development research, and more.

Step 3

At this stage, we understand your needs, we identified the problems and we have a plan ready to be executed. We ensure transparency during the entirety of the production so that you can witness your product coming together.


Petite Gazelle

Custom product editor

By creating an alternative data structure and assigning products the role of primary or secondary, we were able to render multiple products and their options into a single product page making the core selection seamless for the user. This allowed the merchant full autonomy when creating new products or types.

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Mattress Market Leaders

With a strong presence across the country and customer experience at the forefront of their values, Polysleep understands that clients are still using store locators despite Google Maps and business directory apps.

They chose to go one step further in customer interaction and experience, offering customers to effectively find real-time locations to test the Polysleep mattresses across Canada.


Incentive rewards program

The AIR MILES INCENTIVES App provides merchants with the ability to start rewarding customers with AIR MILES Reward Miles to help differentiate and grow their business. The app securely integrates within a merchant’s existing store and promotes AIR MILES offers to encourage increased basket size, drive sales of focal products and increase transaction completion, thereby reducing cart abandonment.

NBI Health

HIPAA compliant partner integration

With security and encryption of the utmost importance for this project, we went above and beyond to ensure the result met all conditions needed to be HIPAA compliant with receiving, reviewing, and disposing of confidential customer information.

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