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With a strong presence across the country and customer experience at the forefront of their values, Polysleep understands that clients are still using store locators despite Google Maps and business directory apps. 

They chose to go one step further in customer interaction and experience, offering customers to effectively find real-time locations to test the Polysleep mattresses across Canada

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The challenge:

Polysleep came to us with a store locator that was built by a previous agency, and unfortunately was not kept up to date with new branding. Additionally, the map pointers were not set properly, and had other minor issues that needed to being fixed.

The core issue was that in order to update the listings, the merchant was required to update two different JSON files, one for English, and one for French, for two different domains. 

Any time Polysleep wanted to make a change to their listings such as phone number, opening hours, location, partnership type, they ended deciding to outsource this simple request because any small error could cause he whole design to fail.

Our solution:

We saw Polysleep's requirements as a complete overhaul of their map editor updated with accurate branding with an intuitive interface on desktop and mobile with the ability to let them role out new features. 

The new version needed to highlight he different types of partnerships that Polysleep wanted to display - retail stores, hotel accomodation, and Airbnb partners, all allowing customers to 'try before you buy' in their own business operations.

This required pulling dynamic data from Google business such as name, contact, website, as well as ratings for proof of quality. Then there was Airbnb...

The challenge:

Airbnb required a custom scraping API for the relevant data from their platform to let the customer see the rating and link directly to the property listing.

All of this needed to be done in real time as customers navigate the map, requiring it to be pulled dynamically. In order to support this, we built an interface where they can add the dynamic data with airbnb ID or Google business ID and change information on their end.

Finally, all of this needed to allow editing in English and French on both the US and CA sites at the same time.

The result

Core features included

Third-party integration

A custom app that embedded the in the client's Shopify store, Google Places, Airbnb and multiple third-party platforms.


The design allows the merchant to include 100 local independent stores and double the number of hotels and Airbnb partners in the next 24 months.

Merchant dashboard

We made sure to include an intuitive dashboard for adding and editing stores to not just to be pleasant to use for customers but also easy to maintain.


Due to the location, this build needed to be seamless across French and English.

Tailored tech stack

Using a variety of tech such as React.js and embedded within Shopify, we were able to tailor the build to match the client's needs, while increasing performance dramatically.

Geo location targeting

Using the users location, we are able to offer the ideal selection of stores to help increase sales conversion.

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Leading Canadian mattress brand Polysleep ( continues its leadership within the mattress industry by going one step further in customer interaction and experience, offering customers to effectively find real-time locations to test the Polysleep mattresses across Canada while promoting the local economy...

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