Customisation is key!

Petite Gazelle offers customers the option to customise their design, and came to us to help find a solution to automate as much of this process as possible.

The merchant also wanted to define custom shipping rules and keep the raw material inventory in sync across multiple products.

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The challenge:

Historically, the customer would place an order with a note containing the custom message and checkout. Upon receipt, Petite Gazelle would create a mock up, and send to the client for review. After revisions, changes and finally approval, they would then manually convert the image into a vector drawing which could be fed into their vinyl cutter for production.

This process could take days of messaging back and forth with customer, but needed to be repeated for each product type and custom message on each order.

Our solution:

Using the merchant's design guidance we build a customized product template that brought in all customisable products types. Within that single page, the customer can choose a different product type and colour and see a live preview displaying their personalised message in their chosen font and colour.

The preview pane updates in real-time letting the customer try different messages and product combinations as well as adjusting font size, spacing and alignment.

When personalisation is complete and the products are purchased, the required print files are automatically generated for the merchant for each product type and attached to the order in the Shopify admin section, ready for production.

The result

Core features included

Powered by Shopify

Developed and deployed natively for Shopify, this integration is build directly into the theme to deliver an optimal customer user experience.

Embedded merchant admin

The merchant admin panel is embedded directly within the Shopify admin and provides complete access to all settings and print files without needing to visit an external site.

Better user experience

By allowing the customer to complete the design customisation early on, they can see the design in real time as they go through the process.

Shipping rules and inventory

Custom shipping rules by product and territory keep the merchant's costs under control and protect their margins.

Synchronising raw material inventory and back orders keep post-purchase customer issues to a minimum.

Streamlined process

The fully deployed solution has eliminated the approval step from the merchant's workload allowing for a faster turn around time and increased sales conversions.

Unique customer experience

With this unique product customisation feature, Petite Gazelle offers customers a fun and unique experience that is on-brand for the merchant while reducing production time and improving overall customer satisfaction.

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